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DJs & MCs

Our motivated MCs and DJs are dedicated to providing a memorable experience for your special occasion.

Dhol Player & Live Musicians

Our dhol players, bhangra dancers, and live music artists will light up your event in the best way possible.

Sound & Lighting Techs

Our lighting and sound masters bring skill, passion, and energy which will show through the work we provide for your event.


Our large collection of LED lights can cover up an entire venue matching your special party theme and getting the party started.


Our Lighting system provides an unforgettable lighting experience for lights that follow your party’s every move.


A projected pattern: A name, monogram, graphic, image, or corporate logo. Can be loaded into static fixtures or into moving lights for motion and rotation.

Patterns Lighting

A projected pattern shape, image, or corporate logo. Can be loaded into static fixtures or into moving lights for motion and rotation.

Pin Spot Lighting

A computer-controlled table light that can change colour, patterns and position throughout the event.

Custom Trussing

Four-corner truss systems truly enhance a dance floor with hanging points for lighting, crystal strings, video screens, and more.

Dancing on Clouds Dry Ice

Want to have the first dance on the clouds well we make dreams come true. Feel the difference once dancing on the clouds.

In-door fireworks – Cold Pryotechians

Fireworks that can be light up indoor. These fireworks are a great option to celebrate indoor events like birthdays, weddings, and other jubliums.


small pieces or streamers of paper, mylar, or metallic material are thrown at celebrations, especially parades and weddings.

Co2 Gun – Blasts

Add more fun to lit up the party mood and blast above the people with white flames on the dance floor.

Haze / Fog and Laser Show

No matter what your theme is we will make sure your colors shine throughout the event making a special touch in the colorful Geyser system.

LED TV Screen

TVs to Projectors We will help you showcase a feature of slideshows to videos full of memories to your guests.

LED Video Wall / DJ Booth

LED video wall is the “Jumbotrons” of the future made portable. It can be used at any event where the brightest projectors just won’t cut it either.

Live Feed Services

Live display of all processions, memories, old pictures, or any pictures hashtagged from your event on our LED TVs, Projector Screens, or Video LED Wall.

Plain White/Black Dance Floor

Your dance floor is the single, largest, and most central focal point of the event.

Starlight White/Black Dance Floor

Our Starlight Dancefloor will flash and sparkle, adding to the experience, energy, and ambiance of your event.

Vinyl Wrap Plain/Design Dance Floor

Fully personalized dance floor with our custom vinyl wrap service, available in any graphic or color of your choosing!

Traditional Photo booth

We offer professional attention to our clients, Our photo booths make a perfect addition to any event.

Vogue Booth

At the end of the red (or not) carpet, a photo area with a backdrop, affectionately referred to as a “Step and Repeat” banner. This is a wall often made of vinyl.

360 Photo Booth

Our Mirror Me Booth is a unique photo-generating service offering the latest technology in interactive picture taking.

Line Arrays Sound

Each member of the audience is delivered sound through only one full-range loudspeaker (apart, of course, from people sitting exactly on the dividing line.

Custom Lighting Production

We create the best Video LED Lighting systems to provide the highest quality video making an unforgettable Logo for your special day.

Rental Services

Rentals Serving NJ, NY, CT, & Eastern PA. We have the best equipment in the industry that has to offer, with professional attention to our clients.

Event Planning

We will provide you the work to create an unforgettable event whether its a wedding or a holiday party for your company.

Marketing & Branding

We will provide you the work to create an unforgettable event whether it’s a wedding or a holiday party for your company.

Destination Wedding

We will work with you on the amazing opportunity to celebrate your marriage in a dream destination of your choosing.

Photo / Video

Photography to Videography we bring all these services to keep your lifelong memories!

Celebrity DJ Artist Host

Our events feature celebrity singers, celebrity DJs, TV personalities, and or radio personalities. Image having your favorite celebrity come and be a part of your special day.

Lounge & Décor

Make your guests feel like VIPS! With our top-of-the-line selection of atmosphere developing lounge and decor.