Vogue Booth

Vogue Booth

The Vogue Booth delivers fashion-forward and professionally lit images, bringing the glamour of the runway to your event. You’ll have the opportunity to strike a pose and capture pictures that look like they came straight off the runway, giving you an experience fit for a model.

Made Famous by Celebrities

Our Vogue Photobooth, made famous by celebrities, can help you take stunning and runway-worthy photos at your wedding, birthday, or other special event. With a up beat and party aesthetic, these pictures and videos will be cherished for years to come. Simply step in front of the booth and let it work its magic.

Remember Your Wedding Day

Photographs are a great way to remember your wedding day. What makes a Vogue Photobooth unique is its ability to create “glamorous” pictures. Unlike other options, guests don’t need to use their own filters to achieve perfect shots. We now have a amazing color changing backdrop that will pop in all photos and videosWhen renting a Vogue Photobooth, you have several options to choose from. The Selfie-Vogue Cam provides stunning filters and excellent lighting for perfect selfies that can be shared digitally instantly. The Pro Vogue Booth, on the other hand, is suitable for larger groups and produces professional-quality filtered images with the option of prints. Additionally, we offer personalized templates for the photographs, so that everyone can remember the event for years to come..