Starlight White/Black Dance Floor

Starlight White or Black Dance Floor

This product is the “Jumbotrons” of the future, made portable. It can be used at any event where the brightest
projectors just won’t cut it either has you see in the picture above or has a DJ booth. LED Video walls can
display any type of log, animations, visuals, and video presentations you can imagine. Full walls consist of
modular panels that can be configured to many sizes.
– Creative custom logo/branding
– Custom text and presentation
– Ability to display live feed of the event i.e. grand introductions, cake cutting, first dance, and more.
– Social media live streaming
– Pictures: Slide show, pre-shoot, engagement and family pictures
– Video: prerecorded videos, same day edits, special message, graphics videos and more

Video Wall More Info

– Décor options: ability to complement any décor with various scenes and animated/ambient videos
– Screen can be used behind DJ or as DJ booth, 2 big screens on each side of the room, 1 big screen in
the middle rigged high by the ceiling
– Special Visual effects/video for the dance floor with the video tech
– Video Disc Jockey, see the actual video of the song being played on the wall.

Video Wall Details

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