LED Video Wall / DJ Booth

LED Video Wall

This product is the “Jumbotrons” of the future, made portable. It can be used at any event where the brightest projectors just won’t cut it either as you see in the picture above or has a DJ booth.

LED Video walls can display any type of log, animations, visuals, and video presentations you can imagine. Full walls consist of modular panels that can be configured to many sizes for
– Creative custom logo/branding
– Custom text and presentation
– Ability to display a live feed of the event i.e. grand introductions, cake cutting, first dance, and more.
– Social media live to stream
– Pictures: Slide show, pre-shoot, engagement, and family pictures
– Video: prerecorded videos, same-day edits, special message, graphics videos, and more.

How It Works

– Modular panels that can be configured to many sizes are brought to the premises in wheeled cases with wires and all accessories.
– Minimum 2 technicians (VJs) will access the required space and assemble the video wall to your proposed size.
– Give us enough setup time before show starts and special voltage power sources.
– Provide us the visual media and with or without sound ahead of time to in a USB/Flash or online drive.

Final Word

A lot of moving parts and people are involved to execute this service, always consult with our experienced technician/VJ related to all those things like different sizes, space, view, power supply needs, and media file types and timing etc.