Top 5 Wedding Entertainment Options for North American Couples

Planning a wedding in North America?  You have a wide range of entertainment options to choose from to make your special day memorable and fun for you and your guests.

Music & dancing

Hire Professional Wedding DJ and MC


DJ is a must. But don't forget about the MC - they're just as important for keeping the event running smoothly and structured. They'll guide the crowd to the epicenter of the party and make sure everyone is having a great time.


Live performer

Piano, Guitarist, and Dhol Player


Dhol Player

Why indian wedding have a

Dhol players are a common feature at Indian weddings because the dhol is a traditional Indian percussion instrument that is often used to add energy and excitement to celebrations. The dhol is played with drumsticks and has a distinctive sound that is hard to resist dancing to.

Dhol players are typically hired to perform at the baraat, which is a procession that takes place during the wedding ceremony, as well as during the mehandi and reception. The dhol helps to create a festive and lively atmosphere and is a way for couples to pay tribute to their cultural heritage.


Fog and Lighting

Intelligent Lights and CO2 Machine

CO2 cannons

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CO2 cannons use pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) gas to shoot out pure white smog. They are often used at parties, and other events to create a festive atmosphere and add excitement, making them a popular choice for baraat and reception.

Lighting can play a significant role in enhancing the overall theme of a wedding. Proper lighting can set the mood, create ambiance, and highlight important features of the event. 

Lighting Technology

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Lighting can play a significant role creating the ambiance. It can be adjusted using dimmer switches and used to highlight important features of the event with uplighting. Special effects lighting, such as gobos and projections, can add a unique and memorable touch.


Photo booth

Choose Traditional or Trending 360 photo booth

Photo Booth

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A photo booth is a great way for guests to take silly, candid photos and take home a physical memento from the wedding. You can opt for a traditional photo booth with props and backdrops or a 360 photo booth

A 360 photo booth allow guests to capture immersive memories and share them with others on parties and weddings. They use specialized cameras and software to create the 360-degree capture and offer a variety of background and filter options.

Other Ideas include

Interactive games and Cultural or traditional entertainment