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A brilliant talent, thrilling energy, engaging voice. Ashish keeps you all in the zone.






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Ashish is one of the best MC’s we have seen – the energy he brings throughout the weekend is consistent and he does an excellent job involving the family and guests. Going into the weekend, we were a bit nervous about how everything would turn out, but M4U was able to deliver and work through the weekend seamlessly. Vandan has extensive experience as a DJ and it clearly showed during the weekend during all events. He did a fantastic job reading the vibe of the room and changing the music when needed to adapt to what the guests wanted. Both Ashish and Vandan are respectful, willing to listen to our requests, and capitalize on our requests as well.
Dishil P.

MC Ashish Mehta, managed all the details like a professional, giving ample time to receive details as well as provide valuable input and recommendations for our Sangeet / Wedding / Reception. He made our life so much easier, and once we got to the week of the Big Day, he performed beautifully. All my guests raved about how on-time and efficient everything went. DJ Vandan and MC Ashish performed quite literally the best set of my life mixing music styles across both of our family backgrounds. He kept the crowd going with engagement, and even got me to crowd surf halfway through. I cannot recommend a better combo for a wedding day,
Jasmine J.

I had Ashish Mehta as my MC & Rishi Rex as my DJ. They were literally the best MC/DJ duo I have ever experienced live. They brought the highest energy & hype, and it made the crowd go wild. People came up to me after every event and just RAVED about M4U. They were like “did you pick this dj/mc?! They are SO AMAZING!!” Cannot express in words how I truly feel about having M4U as my entertainment vendor, but one thing for sure is that they are the BEST out there. 100% recommend this team!
Nisha C.

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